Premium, Inclusive, Sustainable & Motivational Clothing:

BossGirlsNow has created a clothing range that will empower, encourage & motivate our sisters on the throne.

We have created new unisex motivational pieces in a range of sizes and colours. We have focused on high quality premium designs with a sustainable business model.

We’re so so so pumped to
have you all!



BossGirlsNow aims to inspire and empower girls around the world, whatever their age or status.
We empower them to realise their potential, change their lives and make the most of every
moment by sharing inspirational stories & tips, expert advice & secret hacks.

We want to be the voice of girl empowerment across all social media platforms. To inspire girls to
be the best versions of themselves on and off social media. To share daily motivation,
professional advice and best business tools for women entrepreneurs on social media